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#include <manTreeSCycleBase.h>

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Public Member Functions

 manTreeSCycleBase ()
virtual void BeginInputFile (const SInputData &data) throw (SError)
bool newEvent (int run, int event)
 Test for duplicate events - return true if this event has not been seen before.
void resetRunEventMap ()
 Reset run / event map - user should do this at begining of each input data.
void disableBranch (const std::string branchName) throw (SError)
 Disable branch named 'branchName'.

Protected Member Functions

void connectManTree (const SInputData &data) throw (SError)
void isRealData (const SInputData &data)
 ClassDef (manTreeSCycleBase, 0)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< manchester::MElectron > * m_em
 vector of reconstructed electrons
std::vector< manchester::MJet > * m_jet
 vector of reconstructed jets
std::vector< manchester::MJet > * m_mcpart_jet
 vector of jets made from MC truth final state particles
std::vector< manchester::MJet > * m_originalaod_jet
 vector of reconstructed jets
std::vector< manchester::MMuon > * m_muon
 vector of recontructed muons
std::vector< manchester::MMuon > * m_stacomuon
 vector of recontructed muons
std::vector< manchester::MVertex > * m_vertex
 vector of reconstructed vertices
std::vector< manchester::MTriggerChain > * m_trigChains
 vector of trigger chains
std::vector< manchester::MTriggerChainResult > * m_trigResults
 vector of trigger results
const manchester::MTriggerChainConfm_trigconf
 trigger configuration (not enabled yet)
std::vector< manchester::MTruthParticle > * m_truthpart
 vector of MC truth particles
 Missing transverse enerry.
 Event info (run number, event number etc).
std::vector< manchester::MInDetTrack > * m_idTrk
 vector of reconstructed inner detector tracks
bool m_realData
 flag to see if this input data is real data
std::string m_inTreeName
 tree names
std::string m_metName2010
std::string m_metName2011
std::map< int, std::set< int > > m_run_event_map
 map of run numbers to set of events seen for that run (data only)

Detailed Description

include manTree classes

Base class for analysing manTree ntuples within sframe.

The class overrides the BeginInputFile function and connects the branches to the Tree.

Users should inherit their analysis cycle from this class like: include "manTreeSFrameBase/include/manTreeSCycleBase.h" class MyCycle : public manTreeSCycleBase

There is then no need to override BeginInputFile

Access to the ntuple objects can then be done with the MEventTool object from within user code like: m_event->getMuons()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

manTreeSCycleBase::manTreeSCycleBase (  ) 

Constructor initializes all the branch variables

Create the vectors that will hold the physics objects

Member Function Documentation

void manTreeSCycleBase::BeginInputFile ( const SInputData &  data  )  throw (SError) [virtual]

Function called when starting on a new file. Here we can do things like connecting variables to the file.

void manTreeSCycleBase::disableBranch ( const std::string  branchName  )  throw (SError)

Disable branch named 'branchName'.

Disable branch named 'branchName'.
Function just forwards the branch to the MEventTool.

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