manchester::MEFMuROI Class Reference

Muon EF ROI class. More...

#include <MEFMuROI.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Default constructor.
virtual ~MEFMuROI ()
unsigned int GetNMuons () const
 Get number of EF muon objects in this ROI.
const MEFMuon * GetMuon (unsigned int i) const
 Get the ith muon in the ROI.
std::vector< const manchester::MEFMuon * > GetMuons () const
 Get a vector containing the muons in the ROI.
const ML2MuonGetL2Muon () const
 Get the L2 muon that seeded this EF ROI.
const ML2CombMuonGetL2CombMuon () const
 Get the L2 combined muon that seeded this EF ROI.
void AddMuon (MEFMuon *mu)
 Associate a muon with this ROI.
void AssociateChain (MTriggerChain *chain)
 Associate a TriggerChain with this ROI.
void SetL2MuonSeed (ML2Muon *l2mu)
 Associate an L2 muon with this ROI.
void SetL2CombMuonSeed (ML2CombMuon *l2mu)
 Associate an L2 combined muon with this ROI.
Bool_t Active () const
 Is this an active roi?
void SetActive (bool flag)
 Set active flag.
bool HasChain () const
 Do we have an associated TriggerChain?
const MTriggerChainGetChain () const
 Get the associated TriggerChain.
Double_t EtaPrevLevel () const
Double_t PhiPrevLevel () const

Detailed Description

Muon EF ROI class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MEFMuROI::~MEFMuROI (  )  [virtual]


Destructor should clean up memory

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