manchester::MEFTrack Class Reference

EF Track Class. More...

#include <MEFTrack.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MEFTrack ()
 Default constructor.
 MEFTrack (const MEFTrack &trk)
 Copy constructor.
void SetHits (unsigned short npix, unsigned short nsct, unsigned short ntrt)
 Set the hit info.
Bool_t HasOppDphiMatch () const
 Find if this track has another matching it (back-to-back).
Bool_t HasOppDalphaMatch () const
Double_t Z0 () const
Double_t D0 () const
Double_t DetectorEta (double r) const
 Calculate detector Eta at a radius r.
UShort_t NSCTHits () const
 n hits in SCT
UShort_t NPixHits () const
 n hits in Pixel
UShort_t NTRTHits () const
 n hits in TRT
void SetTrackMatch (MEFTrack *trk, bool dphi, bool dalpha)
 Set the track that is opposite this one.
const MEFTrackGetTrackMatch () const
 Get the track opposite this one.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Reset ()
 Function to reset any private members - overridden by derived class.

Detailed Description

EF Track Class.

Used for EF tracking studies.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MEFTrack::MEFTrack ( const MEFTrack trk  ) 

Copy constructor.

Copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

Double_t MEFTrack::DetectorEta ( double  r  )  const

Calculate detector Eta at a radius r.

Calculate eta from (0,0) to radius r (in m)

void MEFTrack::Reset (  )  [protected, virtual]

Function to reset any private members - overridden by derived class.

Reset the private member variables of this instance.

Reimplemented from manchester::MParticle.

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