manchester::MTriggerChain Class Reference

Hold the trigger decision for a single Chain. More...

#include <MTriggerChain.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MTriggerChain ()
 Constructor for ROOT.
 MTriggerChain (const MTriggerChain &aei)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~MTriggerChain ()
std::string Name () const
 Return the Chain Name, is the same as the EF name.
std::string L2Name () const
 Return the L2 Name for this chain.
std::string L1Name () const
 Return the L1 Name for this chain.
Bool_t Passed () const
 Chain satisfied after prescale and pass through.
Bool_t PhysicsPassed () const
 Chain satisfied (EF+L2+L1) ignores pass through.
Bool_t PassedRaw () const
 Chain passed - filter decision after prescale.
Bool_t PassedChain () const
Bool_t PassedL1 () const
 Passed L1 part of the chain.
Bool_t PassedL2 () const
 Passed L2 part of the chain.
Bool_t Accepted () const
 Event was accepted due to this trigger.
std::string Type () const
 So we know what type of object this is at run time.
std::ostream & PrintContent (std::ostream &os) const
 Can be used directly or via operator<<.
MTriggerChainoperator= (const MTriggerChain &obj)
 Assignment operator.

Protected Member Functions

void Reset ()
 Reset the member variables for this class.

Detailed Description

Hold the trigger decision for a single Chain.

Lots of room for expansion in the future. For further details see We probably shouldn't store the chain names per event either.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MTriggerChain::MTriggerChain ( const MTriggerChain obj  ) 

Copy constructor.

Need this when we copy things out of the ntuple.

obj The MTriggerChain object to copy.

MTriggerChain::~MTriggerChain (  )  [virtual]


Does nothing.

Member Function Documentation

MTriggerChain & MTriggerChain::operator= ( const MTriggerChain obj  ) 

Assignment operator.

When doing an assignment copy from the member data from lhs to this object. Also check against self assignment.

obj Object to make a copy of when assigning.
By definition return *this.

void MTriggerChain::Reset (  )  [protected]

Reset the member variables for this class.

Reset the member data of this class. Sets the string names to empty strings and the passed variables to false.

string MTriggerChain::Type (  )  const

So we know what type of object this is at run time.

Return a string representing the type of object.

String name of this class.

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