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gssklog (GSI)

New RPMs below

Here are some RPMs for Doug Engert's gssklog 0.11 [This link no longer works, a local copy can be downloaded here gssklog-0.11.tar]. I built these on RH7.3 against a patched Globus version 2.4.3 (globus-data-management-sdk-2.4.3-src_bundle.tar.gz) and OpenAFS (rpm install: openafs-1.2.11-rh7.3.1 and openafs-server-1.2.11-rh7.3.1).

The patch I applied to the Globus bundle changes the behaviour of the GSSAPI such that the GSS context lifetime returned from the inquire_cred function returns the minimum of the peer and local credentials' lifetimes. Previously the inquire_cred function returned the lifetime of the local credential which is probably not interesting to a local mechanism. The result being that gssklog always limited any issued AFS credential to the lifetime of the AFS server's credential, not the client's GSI proxy credential.

I provide the server and client RPMs, the SRPM, the Globus GSSAPI bundle required (after patching the inquire_cred function) and the stand-alone patch itself:

If you build from source, you'll have to set the GLOBUS_LOCATION to the location you installed the patched Globus. By default it will link against libraries in $GLOBUS_LOCATION (or /opt/globus if GLOBUS_LOCATION is not set) and is happy with old and new Globus 2.2+, patched or unpatched alike; it's just the token length that will vary.

New RPMs
Freshly compiled for Scientific Linux 4 (incorporating a patch created after reading Shawn McKee's install blog found here):

The .spec file contains a few fixes for the build, it tries harder to find a GLOBUS_LOCATION (by searching a few favourite directories) and tries to guess a suitable flavour (flavor) to build against based upon the globus_common libraries it finds in GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib.

Usual disclaimers apply ;-)

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