Dr Rob Appleby


I am a lecturer in the high energy particle physics group and the accelerator physics group of the University of Manchester, and an academic staff member at the Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science. I am also an associate of the beams division at CERN (APB) and a member of the LHCb experiment. My primary research is into the physics of particle accelerators, including beam dynamics, lattice design and interactions of particles with matter, and physics at the LHC.


MPhys in theoretical physics (York, 1996-2000),

PhD in theoretical particle physics (Manchester, 200-2003), staff accelerator physicist (Accelerator Science and Technology Centre, CCLRC, 2003-2005), Visiting postdoctoral scientist (LAL, 2004), Lecturer in accelerator physics (Manchester, 2005-present), scientist at the Cockcroft Institute (2005-present) and senior fellow at CERN (2008-2010), Elected fellow of the Institute of Physics (2009), Member of LHCb (2010-present)